peek inside the store

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. 
We are excited to share not only the product we carry, but the actual store space as well. We hope it helps to see the product in its environment.

The beauty of actually having a space to  curate is that we can see, feel, and style all the product. All of what you see online is a collection we have put together with our vision in mind.  Having the space allows us to exercise the Canvas Interiors vision every day. It keeps us fresh, it keeps new ideas flowing, and best of all if you have a question we can answer it with first-hand knowledge. This is an added element that we offer as opposed to a website that is, well, only a website.
We are not just a computer, we are creative people and we love what we do. We interact with our product every day. We move things around, play, noodle. Just as you would in your own home. There are very talented people working in the store who are ready to help you design the home you are envisioning.
Thank you for taking a look! We hope you have enjoyed the tour of the store.
or better yet come on in: Store Location info