About Us

Our vision for Canvas Interiors was born in our own home, where simple clean lines and white slipcovers exist in a kid friendly environment. Add to that a bit of sparkle and texture and you have the concept.  We believe if you start with a simple canvas you can create a life of style. 

How are we different from other websites?

We are first, and foremost a real brick and mortar company with a physical store.
This gives us hands-on knowledge of our products. If you contact us with questions there will be a knowledgable design consultant eager to help you.

We are editors and curators.
We don't simply put everything we can online. We cultivate a look and feel that is consistent with our vision for the brand and we care and feed our brand thoughtfully. There are many shopable websites out there but we are hoping our edit makes it easier for you to find your style, rather than combing through page after page of endless choices. 

Together we combine 15 years of knowledge traveling and sourcing furniture from around the world with 20 years in the creative departments of some of the top branding agencies in the country. We strive to bring you a unique perspective that we hope translates to something fresh and new. And we are committed to providing you with the design, service and quality level that we feel is essential to our philosophy. 

We have a very talented and enthusiastic team working with us and we hope that you can stop by and see us. If you are reading from afar, we hope you like what you see in our online store.

We are truly excited to bring this idea to life. We hope you like it too.