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Beautiful Suarina wood from Indonesia. Each of these tables is a one of a kind and should be appreciated for it's uniqueness. The dimensions are the same, but the graining can be very different.

The Suar (Suarina) tree is a non-endangered, non-indigenous, fast growing hard wood tree found in parts of East and South East Asia.

It was originally brought from Central America during the colonial times and was appreciated as a shade tree due to its huge umbrella like crown.

It matures usually in about 60-80 years and the trunk can reach a diameter of 60 inches or more. The trunk is short, usually not more than 13-16 feet before it branches out. It also shows a beautiful grain pattern because of the large numbers of branches.

Due to its fast growth the trees near a water source like a lake or river grow the fastest and have straighter and less distinctive grain pattern. If the tree grows further away from a regular water source the growth is more twisted with very intense grain pattern and color and many natural features such as holes and fissures.

The tree is not a forest tree but can be found scattered everywhere.

As a furniture store concerned with the degradation of our environment, we are happy to inform that this vendor also plants and replaces many more trees than they harvest. During the last 18 months alone they have planted over 2000 new trees.

Dimensions: 108"W X 39.5”D X 29.5”H